'Pancak Silat Situbondo'
East Java

Arrington de Dionyso and Lima Jari Sakti Rasyit

  12" LP 
 "The latest in the ever expanding Psychic Sounds collection of sonic treasures is from around the world in East Java, Indonesia documented by artist and musician Arrington de Dionyso (Malaikat dan Singa / Old Time Relijun) during his travels.  It focuses on music that accompanied a festival of Pancak Silat, which is a form of kung fu that is part combat form and part dance performance practiced in Java for many centuries with an element of trance that is reinforced by the fast paced repetitive music.  This raw recording features a gloriously vibrant din of fiery double-reeded wind instruments, fierce cries, jubilant flutes, and an explosive bass clarinet which all whirl endlessly atop a bed of a dense and dizzyingly assemblage of bells, cymbals, gongs that truly stirs up a visceral and wild concoction of traditional folk music and mutated free jazz.  It's all acoustic, but it sounds so loud and incredibly intense.  The root sounds of the percussion will definitely sound familiar to listeners of Gamelan music but this is somehow even more manic and spirited.  This may be the first ever recording of a bass clarinet crossing frequencies with this particular style of kung-fu music and it's experimental nature succeeds in creating a wild and gorgeous wonderland of exciting images that makes you want to dance, and trance out simultaneously; powerful and exhilarating!  Certainly recommended for fans of the raw street recordings of Sublime Frequencies, Nonesuch Explorer series, Ethnic Lyrichord,  Indonesian Folkways, or perhaps newer east-meets-free jazz.  Like all Psychic Sounds releases, the artwork is as breathtaking as the music, gorgeously packaged in a full color sleeve, screenprinted by artist Corum, and includes a fold out insert with inspired drawings and liner notes by Dionyso as well.  Utterly fantastic!"

- Karen for psychicsoundrecordingsblogspot.com




Saturday, March 21 @ The High Water Mark LoungeVERY SPECIAL EQUINOX SHOW: 
MILLION BRAZILIANS "Farewell to Arms" Last West Coast show! 
 w/ The TENSES (SMEGMA) / Birch Cooper of MSHR Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
DJing by Hisham Mayet (Sublime Frequencies ) / more exciting details to come..... 

Mar 5-8     (Detroit, MI)     Trinosophes  |  Solo Piano
*Mar 19     (Vienna, AT)     Handeslkai 206 for 4 Sessions  |  Improvised music with TBA 
Mar 21     (Heiligenkreuz, AT)     Gasthaus Pummer  |  Solo Piano 
Mar 29     (Forli, IT)     Area Sismica  |  Solo Piano
April 2 - 5     (Italy)   |   Tsigoti (Recording 5th album)
Apr 17     (Cherbourg, FR)     Le Point Du Jour  |   Solo Piano
*Apr 18     (Nantes, FR)     Atelier De Création Expérimentale  |   Howled Ground 
*Apr 20 - 26     (Paris/Nice, FR)     TBA  |   With C.L.S.I. ("Cercle pour la Liberation du Son et de l'Image")
May 2nd     (San Francisco, CA)     Cowell Theater | Solo Piano (Part of a 3-day festival of Terry Riley's 80th year organized by the California Institute Of Integral Studies)



"New Ideas in Psychic Music" series 
12" LP

Amazing ongoing series of "new ideas in psychic music" recorded at Dub Narcotic & Psychic Sounds studios.  Includes guest artists Arrington de Dionyso, Spencer Angelo, Idaho Joe Windslow & China Star!

NOTE: Due to immense amount of material kept, but not able to fit on one full LP, we'll be co-releasing the fully envisioned session's second part on a special limited cassette tape run released by label MOON GLYPH.


12" LP 

Obscure field recording & hypnotic griot music recorded in the early 60s
 from the Republic of Guinea using a wide range of traditional instuments. 
 Described as "angelic morning music" or "sweet golden honey dripping on your face". 


"Melodies of Burned Offerings in the Conch's Darkness
 before the Hill of Dreams"

Special 12" gatefold LP w/ 8 page booklet of art and writing
to be released on Psychic Sounds Research & Records

Digital & tape cassette version to be released on Moon Glyph

Much-anticipated follow-up to last year's Effigy Mounds LP, once more released on Psychic Sounds imprint and new release for bay area label Moon Glyph.  From the 2 new featured teaser tracks, Magic Mirror takes up where the Beguiling Isles left us off as a triumphal explosion of magisterial organ and alien percussion piece that leads into a kind of heavy tribal serpentine groove of feverish worship. The new atmosphere is heady and devotional, with a dark, dramatic aspect that is profoundly effective "inspired by a series of dream rituals" revealed and translated to sound by Corum.
Long awaited final movement in the Beguiling Isles trilogy!
The Pillars of Pan Rise! 
 Enter the Eidolic Pavilion
the Reappearing Phantom Center.....
A Rendezvous awaits in Panium's Bath House, under the waterfall.
The Fountain Music within stirs an Occult Connected Dream Ritual of the
Erotic Ballet of the Panics in Mayfair...
Feel the Ceremonial Music for the Giant Golden Mating Ball
Watch the Emergent Serpents rise from the Worship Tube inside the Tunnels of Atitlan!

12" LP

We've only heard a small amount of this massive amount of recordings made by this power trio of strangeness, but what we have heard we're really, really excited about; featuring a unique mesh of horns, electronic biofeedback, flutes, EVP voices (?),  and an assortment of unique percussion all organically flowing in and out of a sci-fi landscape of swampy terrain! Much anticipated!!


 Windslow & Corum
 12" LP

Experimental India's Mummy Dust Trippers aim to demonstrate the improvisational way of life through its use of transmitted sound inventions and trance devotions using such exotic instruments as electronic tabla, nagaswaram, shehnai, ecktar, sarangi, drones, and traditional scales.  Bardic songs of hallucinations, synesthesia, tides of time and spider infested temples riddle this lysergic desert plane.  Corum & Windslow began with private station performances  and curated live presentations for each city as a link between their "Inner Frequencies" to the audiences.  They later adopted Experimental India Radio as the on-air name for the original broadcast of a featured live radio session and interview that gave was to these new sessions.



AT THE PSR SHOP: www.psychicsounds.com


tape cassette



"Wonderfully weird collaboration, between avant free jazz tribalists Million Brazilians and legendary improvised pianist Thollem McDonas creating a combo of yet another freaky transmission from whatever otherworldly outpost these mysterious Portland free jazz & drone outsiders call home, and lordy, is it chaotic, throbbing and beautiful. Eerie wavering electric insect buzz delicately unfurl near the start, quiet and pretty... that gives way to a ceremonial gong call churning into a rhythmic jam of deep bass and cyclic hand drum groove, super fuzzed-out organ, angular guitar thwack, flute coloration, and wailing sax sometimes in perfect harmony, other times exploding into an eruption of turbulent jazz freak out truly sounding like a primordial opening of volcanic cavern. Within those various sounds, MB & Thollem, intentionally twist everything up, adding all kinds of evocative noises, woozy marimbas, mysterious rumbles, swirling jungle drums, sonic detritus of bells, shakers and ghostly calls that seem to unfold and flower and splinter into all sorts of different shapes and sounds as the set progresses forming some sort of scene like a Central American ritualistic exorcism into ecstatic celebration ending with a gorgeous distant flute calling. The Million Brazilian's sound have managed to be dangerously distinct and totally prolific, but completely enigmatic and underground at the same time. With Thollem's range between spastic gritty textures to enthralling minimalist pulsations of a well tempered synthesizer, "Volcanic Gremlin Magnet" creates a lush, expressive, and alien strain of jazz. It's a fantastic 54 minutes, all right! Highly Recommended!"
-AJ, psychicsoundrecordings.blogspot.com

-Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Mike Erwin
and professionally dubbed onto Cobalt tape
(MB photo by Jason Edmonds 2014)



Wild World Cuts by DJ BizangoLeaks (Corum of Million Brazilians)
Portland, OR @ Mothership Music - 3611 NE MLK

 Portland, OR @ Valentines
Million Brazilians w/ Idaho Joe Windslow /
 Arrington de Dionyso / Fountainsun (Daniel Higgs & Fumi Ishi)
(Million Brazilians live in Italy, photo by Bergamo 2013)


"Ceremony Music for Spore Alter"
12" LP

"Beguiling Isles is the new solo project by Corum, the strange genius (?) behind psychedelic tribal jazz band Million Brazilians, who are up there with Smegma or Sun City Girls in the west coast weirdo world jazz punk pantheon.  Beguiling Isles explores the same bizarre, otherworldly atmospheres as High Wolf, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, and Orphan Fairytale and  and all the other similarly sounds made up of old samplers, mesmerizing loops, disintegrating tape manipulation, and damaged keyboards, and and like each of these artists,  Beguiling Isles's Corum seems to take his moniker seriously creating a sound that evokes a mysterious isolation full of wondrous images. 

Effigy Mounds features crunchy polyrhythmic electro-acoustic pulsations of tribal drums buried in atmospheric washes of flute solos and waves of distant drone-cloaked sounds.  Sudden animal shrieks throughout the sinister fauna & flora glisten within streaks of reverb and delay, and notes ring out, chiming, combining the Million Brazilians style of arrhythmic drum n' brass stewed into a total freaky bliss for sure and is really quite listenable, too!  There's definitely lots going on sonically, but Corum renders all that action in subtle shades, etheric voices, bouncing melodies, warm wind instruments and whatever might be part of the overall sound entering a whole new world once they're captured by his four track.  Halfway through the A side, the movement shifts gears, and suddenly it's a full on drone, with warped shehnai (?) loops sounding like a swirling tornado of wailing subterranean bats creating a unified hypnotic call with wafts of strange bursts of organ warble, smeared into a meditative drift, that gradually gains momentum, transforming into a weirdly washed out hallucinogenic home brewed trance reminiscent of a Terry Riley "In C" style build up.  Intense and aggressive and totally great sounds featured on the flipside; another rumpus romp through the haunted cavern of carefully constructed primal drum pulses peppered with droplets of dizzying flute notes, synths soar and sing, mysterious yelps bubbling up within the chaos churning a more powerfully possessive and pleasant sensation. While there is of course more ambient, moody elements of this disc, they take a backseat to the intensity of the blended rhythmic tribal drum patterns, whirling flute notes, industrial electronics and otherworldly chanting within dark tangled grooves of the electronic-ethnic noise jungle.  It's a bit like sitting inside a hot cave, watching a frenzied procession, exchanging ritual calls back and forth, constantly altering within the fiery light of the ceremonial fire projecting dancing shadows that seem to tell a story from a subconscious chthonic plane. 

In any event, Effigy Mounds is the next logical step in Corum's wild world of mystical tropical sonic minded lysergic soundscapes trilogy.  Creepy and haunting and ominous but also strangely beautiful, and hell it still sounds like it could have been lifted straight from some lost Predator 2 or Serpent in the Rainbow soundtrack, which is in no way a bad thing.  And it is frighteningly trance-inducing. It's kind of insane, kind of amazing. We like it, a lot."
 -Karen, psychicsounds.blogspot.com

Played and Recorded by Corum  / Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
First 200 are a limited edition gold-laced covers printed by Corum

Second in the Beguiling Isles Trilogy

(photo by Justin Wright)


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