Million Brazilians & Thollem Electric


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"Wonderfully weird collaboration, between avant free jazz tribalists Million Brazilians and legendary improvised pianist Thollem McDonas creating a combo of yet another freaky transmission from whatever otherworldly outpost these mysterious Portland free jazz & drone outsiders call home, and lordy, is it chaotic, throbbing and beautiful. Eerie wavering electric insect buzz delicately unfurl near the start, quiet and pretty... that gives way to a ceremonial gong call churning into a rhythmic jam of deep bass and cyclic hand drum groove, super fuzzed-out organ, angular guitar thwack, flute coloration, and wailing sax sometimes in perfect harmony, other times exploding into an eruption of turbulent jazz freak out truly sounding like a primordial opening of volcanic cavern. Within those various sounds, MB & Thollem, intentionally twist everything up, adding all kinds of evocative noises, woozy marimbas, mysterious rumbles, swirling jungle drums, sonic detritus of bells, shakers and ghostly calls that seem to unfold and flower and splinter into all sorts of different shapes and sounds as the set progresses forming some sort of scene like a Central American ritualistic exorcism into ecstatic celebration ending with a gorgeous distant flute calling. The Million Brazilian's sound have managed to be dangerously distinct and totally prolific, but completely enigmatic and underground at the same time. With Thollem's range between spastic gritty textures to enthralling minimalist pulsations of a well tempered synthesizer, "Volcanic Gremlin Magnet" creates a lush, expressive, and alien strain of jazz. It's a fantastic 54 minutes, all right! Highly Recommended!"

-Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Mike Erwin
and professionally dubbed onto Cobalt tape
(MB photo by Jason Edmonds 2014)

DECEMBER 10: Portland, OR @ Valentines - 
Million Brazilians / Arrington de Dionyso / Fountainsun (Daniel Higgs)

(Million Brazilians live in Italy, photo by Bergamo 2013)


2014 U.S. FALL TOUR 



 UNHEARD INDONESIA: 'Pancak Silat Situbondo'

Arrington de Dionyso with Lima Jari Sakti Rasyit

  12" LP 

 "Recorded in November 2013 in Situbondo/Besuki East Java, Indonesia. The music in these recordings accompanied a festival of Pancak Silat, which is a form of Kung Fu as practiced in Java for many centuries. Part combat form and part dance performance, there is also an element of trance that is reinforced by the fast paced repetitive music. Of all of my experiences collaborating with traditional musicians in Indonesia, this was one of the most exhilarating!"
- Arrington de Dionyso

  Eidolic Pavilion  
12" LP

Mummy Dust Miragers:
 Windslow + Corum
 12" LP

Previously in 2014: 

November 14
Corum presents selections from
 'Mysterium Cosmogonia'  
in the Musicquarium Lounge for the 
w/ Martin Rev. (Suicide) / Rain Parade /  Bitchin Bajas / Food Pyramid /
Master Musicians of Bukkake & many more!

Corum: Beguiling Isles - "Object of Conjuring" live

Corum: Beguiling Isles - "Body Core" live

    November 1
WHITE GOURD / GROUPER / Tyler Brewington / 
featuring video artist Vivian Hua (aka vVv Stardust).
 @ The Abby for M.A.S.S. - 9:00 pm

September 16 - SF, CA @MOCO:  IDAHO JOE WINDSLOW w/ 
SUN CITY BOYS / RANK SOUND (Brotman & Short, Stress Ape) / JANICOT

August / September:
Solo Works of Million Brazilians:
White Gourd / Corum presents "Effigy Mounds" Tour

 (Tijuana photo by A.R. Faust)

August 28- Kansas City, MO @ The Ship - Corum / White Gourd / Aurograph
September 2 - NYC @ 221 West 38th St. New York, NY for TABLOID: Issue 2 w/
Corum /  White Gourd / DOORWAYS LE SPHINX /  
  September 3 - Providence, RI @ Opera Tech (Quince) Corum / White Gourd /
 Gyna Bootleg / Yellow Dragon
(poster by Carlos Gonzales)

  September 5 - Belfast, Maine @ Ro-He-Ge (12 Mill Lane) - 9pm - Corum / White Gourd /
Toussaint St. Negritude / Tunes by Dan Beckman AKA the Uke of Space Villages

Corum presents Effigy Mounds:
July 25 -Antwerp, Belgium @Stadtslimite (across from river and castle) w/ Orphan Fairytale
 (Poster by Dennis Tyfus)

July 27 - Brussels, Belgium @ Renold art space w/ Siet Rae / Ada Van Hoorebeke / Bert Jacobs

 (photo by Rebecca Price 2014)
 JUNE 24 - Portland, OR - Idaho Joe Windslow / Portland Bike Ensemble /
A: Pfeffer Kwitter (featuring members of Fat Worm of Error + Diagram A)
 House Show @ 1532 N Blandena St. - 7-10 pm
More info here:

JUNE 21 - Million Brazilians  /
Impulsive Machinations {Thollem McDonas + Sara Lund (Unwound)} /
HITS (of sunshine)
 @ Foggy Notion

Portland Museum of Modern Art presents
 Art of Corum 


 @ Portland Museum of Modern Art - 8pm, May 17
w/ performances by White Gourd and Corum



MAY 7 w/ Dead Gurus/ Hollow Sidewalks / Mona Lisa Overdrive @ Alhambra
4811 SE Hawthorne 




March 13 - Portland, OR @ Xhurch - 20th + Going (8 sharp! - 10pm) w/ The Tenses (Smegma), Planets Around the Sun -

March 14 - Seattle, WA @ Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Movement Studio w/ Karnak Temples, Arrington de Dionyso + guests, Projections by One Eye

March 15 - Olympia, WA @ Northern w/ Arrington de Dionyso, China Star & Daniel Buschar, Angelo Spencer

March 20 - Los Altos, CA @ KFJC 89.7 - Live Broadcast @ 3 PM - Stream live at

March 22 - L.A., CA @ Handbag Factory w/ Mankind (CHIARA GIOVANDO), Telecaves, Little Debbie,

March 24 - Anaheim, CA @ Enchanted Tiki Room

March 26 - Tijuana @ El Tigre Bar with Paraiso Depresivo, Perros Cobardes, Bleak End at Bernies

March 27 - San Diego @ Black Cat Lounge w/ Faust Fest, Nirvana cover band

March 29 - Oakland, CA @ The Church - V.E.X., Virtual Valhalla, Waxy Tombs, ARC

April 1 - Sacramento, CA @ Five Rivers w/ Idaho Joe , Buk Buk Big Ups

April 2 - Arcata, CA @ The Ink Annex/ w/ Idaho Joe, Darsombra-- White Manna--Medicine Baul--Cosmic Rust

April 4 - Oakland, CA @ Stranded Records, 7pm special in-store performance!






"Ceremony Music for Spore Alter"
12" LP

"Following the exotic and electronic jazz form as the pulsating primordial spirits of his first album titled Beguiling Isles, Effigy Mounds plays back like a hallucinatory cave field recording where snippets of tape were collaged to reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, sounds of bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth's atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Less exotica and more experimental, Corum's latest document plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in some forbidden South Pacific isle lodge during the magical dialogue of extra terrestrial speech.  Highly Recommended! "
-AJ/ True News for
Played and Recorded by Corum  / Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
First 200 are a limited edition gold-laced covers printed by Corum

Second in the Beguiling Isles Trilogy

 Panics in Mayfair (Part 3) due out in late Summer 2014

(photo by Justin Wright)


Secret Fleas in the Dwarf Palace 
12" LP 

Idaho Joe Windslow is the inventor of the gongtar (cello with gong resonator), singing bowl gamelan (which is played standing with a back brace of mannequin arm singing bowl holders),
 and the voxtar (amplified sympathetic string fixture excited by voice).
He backs himself up with a collection of exotic drum machines from India and the Middle East. Using hypnosis and lyrics he aims to send the listener into altered states of consciousness.

-First 200 orders screenprinted by Corum with artwork by Seth Johnson


12" LP  


"Million Brazilians sound like a corps not of this hemisphere, but one influenced by its discoveries via travel and/or scouring the deep web.
Separated into nine untitled compositions, Wet Dry Jungala clings with a humidity mostly foreign to the North Americas. It’s not to be mistaken for the escapist brand of tropicalia - the sort that inspires relaxation and cabana service - but rather the hysteria of eight days in the desert, the spiritual exhaustion of following a shaman into a sweat lodge, and the endurance of trudging through a rainforest bog, swatting off mosquitos.
Save for the ominous western Americana of “Untitled VI”, Million Brazilians transfix to the percussive drone of Eastern worship hymns, and an experimental flare for complicating their world music into claustrophobic depths of psychedelia.“Untitled V” mimics the bass groan of bullfrogs against rough transmissions of spoken word. Terrifying shrieks and yips like those of post-punk heroines past are pitted against free jazz skronk and tribal trance on “Untitled IV”. Once referred to as “dungeon jazz”, Million Brazilians’ Wet Dry Jungala denies pigeonholing with each untitled passage."

-Blake Gillespie, Impose Senior Editor


White Gourd:

Hermit La Lune 
12" LP

"Suzanne Stone as 'White Gourd' is US Pacific Northwest's hidden treasure. Known for her abrasive sax & voice in the esoteric jazz trio Million Brazilians, Stone approaches her unique solo performances as White Gourd from a very different angle often involving dreamy saxophone, neo-Nico vocals and haunting key textures as a ritual tapestry of tarot-influenced blessings. 'Hermit La Lune', her latest LP on Psychic Sounds, contains a very eerie spectral landscape from which sings spells of solitude and seasonal cycles over waves of bells, water animal wails, sword sharpening and etheric piano work seamlessly through this timeless witchy advancement. Highly Recommended!" 
-AJ/ True News Weekly Review  

-Limited Edition pressing of 300
-Silver-laced screen printed covers by Corum
-All analog recording mastered at Golden

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